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8th Grade Computers

Week 2

Date Objective/ Procedure Links
3/18 Files & Folders

1. Become familiar with file systems on computers

2. Create new files and understand file naming procedures

3. Create a new file that contains a table to keep a  journal of what was accomplished in computer class on a daily basis.  Save as: "journal" in  "word" folder

NJCCCS 8.1  & 8.2

File Organization

Daily Journal Instructions

Daily Journal Example

3/19 Technology Terms Lesson 1

1. Search for definitions and add to vocabulary list using online technology dictionaries and search

 engines for computer and Internet technology definitions.

  1. acceptable user policy (AUP)
  2. intellectual property
  3. copyright
  4. plagiarism
  5. netiquette

2. Understand the guidelines that Acceptable User Policies set for organizations to avoid copyright infringement and plagiarism

NJCCCS 8.1  & 8.2

Tech Terms Sources








3/20 Keyboarding

1. Use the website: http://www.typingweb.com/ to practice keyboarding skills

2. Increase WPM accuracy and proper keyboarding techniques using a website monitored by the teacher

NJCCCS 8.1  & 8.2


3/21 Introduction to Glogster

1. Use a collaborative online website Glogster to create a multimedia poster with text, sound, video, pictures to creatively express an idea

2. Create a multimedia poster to show school spirit

3. Personalize the poster with pictures, audio, video, and text using resources from the Internet

NJCCCS 8.1  & 8.2



3/22 Multimedia Poster

1. Create a multimedia poster with text, sound, video, pictures to creative collaborative online website Glogster to create a  express an idea

2. Create a multimedia poster to show a topic of choice

3. Share posters with peers via Edmodo and comment on each other's posts adhering to the Code of Coduct

NJCCCS 8.1  & 8.2

Practice Glog Rubric


Computer Class Home:


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