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7th Grade Computers

Week 14

Date Objective/ Procedure Links

Technology Terms Review

1. Review the technology terms on the computer via Internet activities and multimedia to prepare for upcoming quiz

2. Play a multimedia review game as a class to reinforce the vocabulary terms associated with the computer

3. Add Daily Journal entry and finish any other previous projects

NJCCCS 8.1  & 8.2

7th Grade Computer Vocabulary

Computer Tech Review




12/6 Technology Quiz

1. Demonstrate knowledge of technology terms the computer on an evaluation

2. Use the Internet website: http://www.edmodo.com/ to take the online quiz

3. Add Daily Journal entry and finish any other previous projects

NJCCCS 8.1  & 8.2



12/7 Class Introduction

1. Welcome & expectations

2. Introduction to the course

3. Get usernames and passwords &  go over class procedures

NJCCCS 8.1  & 8.2

Procedure Sheets

Class Website: http://wtbscience.com


12/8 Files & Folders

1. Become familiar with file systems on computers

2. Create new files and understand file naming procedures

3. Create a new file that contains a table to keep a  journal of what was accomplished in computer class on a daily basis.  Save as: "journal" in  "word" folder

NJCCCS 8.1  & 8.2

File Organization

Daily Journal Instructions

Daily Journal Example


12/9  Acceptable User Policy

1. Read and discuss the AUP to understand the school's policy about how technology and the Internet is to be used in the school setting

2. Use a collaborative online whiteboard  to draw a picture and make decisions via the Internet with another student

3. Save the picture and convert it to a jpeg to insert into another document or multimedia project or print

NJCCCS 8.1  & 8.2


Co Sketch







Computer Class Home:


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