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6th Grade Computers

Week 10

Date Objective/ Procedure Links
5/28 Memorial Day- No School!

5/29 No School!



5/30 The Windows Desktop 8

1.Understand how the Windows desktop is set up and utilized : Lesson 8 Windows Desktop

2. Learn the the terms associated with the Windows Desktop and add vocabulary to notebook using this website: Yasmin's Room.
36. Graphical User Interface
37. desktop
38. toolbars
39. start
40. scroll

3. Understand the way that the Windows desktop is set up and how to utilize the Control Panel to control the printers, programs and other hardware on the system and complete worksheets as reinforcement

NJCCCS 8.1  & 8.2

Lesson 8 Windows Desktop

Yasmin's Room

Vocabulary Worksheet

Labeling Worksheet


5/31 Field Day
6/1 Planet Vacations

1. Research individually to find information about the group's planet:

Meteorologistís Report                             Geologistís Report  

Astronomerís Report                                 Historianís Report

2. Work cooperatively to coordinate research and then create a presentation to advertise a vacation to the planet 

3. Use FRAMES to create a digital story that highlights the facts about the planet from each member of the team in a tongue in cheek manner since a vacation to the planet is impossible: Planet Project

NNJCCCS 8.1  & 8.2

Planet Project

Digital Storytelling Rubric


NOVA - What's your Favorite Planet?

Extreme Planets



Computer Class Home:


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