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New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for Science




5.1Scientific Processes

A. Habits of Mind

B. Inquiry and Problem Solving

C. Safety

5.2 Science and Society

A. Cultural Contributions

B. Historical Perspectives

5.3 Mathematical Applications

A. Numerical Operations

B. Geometry and Measurement

C. Patterns and Algebra

D. Data Analysis and Probability

5.4 Nature and Process of Technology

A. Science and Technology

B. Nature of Technology

C. Technological Design

5.5 Life Science

A. Matter, Energy, and Organization in Living Systems

B. Diversity and Biological Evolution

C. Reproduction and Heredity

5.6 Physical Science - Chemistry

A. Structure and Properties of Matter

B. Chemical Reactions

5.7 Physical Science - Physics

A. Motion and Forces

B. Energy Transformations

5.8 Earth Science

A. Earth’s Properties and Materials

B. Atmosphere and Weather

C. Processes that Shape the Earth

D. How We Study the Earth

5.9 Astronomy and Space Science

A. Earth, Moon, Sun System

B. Solar System

C. Stars

D. Galaxies and Universe

5.10 Environmental Studies

A. Natural Systems and Interactions

B. Human Interactions and Impact


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