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Discipline Procedure Materials Lab Safety Daily Trivia Lab / Notebook Rubric



                              Laboratory Safety Rules                         

  1. Always follow the safety procedures outlined by your teacher, including wearing safety glasses or goggles while doing lab work.

2.    Never eat or drink in the chemistry lab. Never put any substance in your mouth during a lab. Do not taste any chemical unless your teacher specifically tells you to.

3.    Do not smell any unknown material. If your teacher asks you to smell a material, wave a hand over the material to draw the scent toward your nose.

4.    Avoid touching your face, mouth, ears, or eyes while working with chemicals.

5.    Do not mix unknown chemicals just to see what might happen.

6.    Always wash your hands immediately after using chemicals. Should you come in contact with a hazardous substance, IMMEDIATELY rinse skin and clothing with water, and THEN inform the teacher.

7.    Clean up spills immediately.

8.    Clean up your work space after each investigation. Dispose of all used and unused substances as directed by your teacher.

9.    Be careful when using sharp or pointed tools and around open flame, such as a candle. Always make sure that you protect your eyes and those of your neighbors.

10.  Report all accidents, even small ones to your teacher.

11.  Follow directions and ask questions if you’re unsure of what to do.

12.  Behave responsibly during science investigations.

I agree to follow these safety rules.        Signed ______________________    

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