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Science Homework Policy

Grading scale is as follows: Homework is 15% of your Science Grade! Weekly Quizzes will check progress and will include information from homework assignments.  There are about 15 assignments per semester so each assignment is equal to 1 point on the final science grade.  (The scale will be adjusted if there are more or less assignments).

All homework completed = 100% A+ Awesome Work!

1 assignment missed = 93% A

2 assignments missed = 87% B+

3 Assignments missed = 80% B-

4 Assignments missed = 73% C

5 Assignments missed = 67% D+

6 Assignments missed =60% D

7 Assignments missed =53% F  

8 Assignments missed = 47%  F

9 or more assignments missed=40% F

10 or more assignments missed= 33% F

11 or more assignments missed= 27% F

12 or more assignments missed= 20% F

13 or more assignments missed = 13% "F"

14 or more assignments missed = 7% "F"

15 assignments missed = "0"

Desk Materials

1. Homework assignments are used to reinforce concepts taught in class, and to help teach responsibility. Homework is worth 15% of your science grade.

2. Homework is worth 1/2 credit the day after it is due and after that it becomes a "0".

3. Long Term Projects (i.e. Current Events) will lose 10% for each day late. Minimum grade if handed in late (within 1 week) but fully completed = 55%, Not turned in at all = 0%.

4. Homework assignments can be found on the class website or Edmodo

5. Homework missed during an absence should be placed in the mailbox.  If the homework is to finish a lab assignment, leave in your lab folder for me to check.   Homework not turned in when absent will result in an O. 


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