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Traffic lightDiscipline Procedure 

Discipline problems will be documented as follows.  Students will be given one warning per day (Yellow Card) before an infraction occurs (Red Card).  A Red Card can be given immediately if the situation necessitates.  Parents will be notified a day in advance if a student is to serve a detention.    In extreme situations an office referral will precede the previous consequences. (i.e.: Fighting in class, dangerous actions during a science lab, etc).

___ Disrespectful to students                                              
___ Disrespectful to teacher                                     
___ Misuse of equipment
___ Not following safety rules                                                     
___ Excessive talking                              
___ Disruptive                                    

Detention (3 detentions will result in a conference) _____________________________

Office Referral     ___________________________________________


Not Prepared for Class:  It is human to forget, but constantly being unprepared is a hindrance to your learning and to your lab groupís success. There will absolutely not be any going back to lockers to retrieve missing supplies.  Not being prepared for class will be reflected in your lab grade!                  

Participation Points will be given throughout the semester for Positive Behavior.  Points will be awarded individually or for the entire class.  These points can be added to tests or quizzes.


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