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Daily Science Trivia


Collect correct Trivia Slips to earn these rewards:


3 Slips= 1 extra point

Added to final grade on any assignment, quiz, or exam.

Limited to a maximum of 5 points or 15 slips on any quiz or exam!

10 Slips = 1 Piece of Candy

15 Slips = 1 Free Homework Assignment

30 Slips = 1 Free Current Event

You must hand in the original stamped trivia slip for credit!

    For extra credit on quizzes/ tests slips must be handed in with the quizzes/ exams.

Sorry, your teacher is not responsible for lost trivia slips!

Daily Science Trivia Name _________  Class _____            #___ Answer: ___

Slips are located in the basket on the first lab table.  Fill it out and put it in the your class container on the way out.  If the entire class is not quiet and ready to begin, Science Trivia will be cancelled for the day! If your homework is not handed in that day, you are ineligible for Trivia.

Also 3 winners will be selected each week to win one of these prizes! In order to be eligible all homework & current event assignments must be turned in for the semester.

* Prizes can be added to together for points or free assignments: 

For example: 3 free candy slips= 1 free current event

 or 3 free candy slips= 10 extra points

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