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Science Current Events  

·     1 Science article analysis assignment are due each semester.  One Current Event equals a TEST GRADE! 

·      A schedule will be set up at the beginning of the semester for daily presentations.   

·      Edmodo CE write-up plus the link for the URL of the article a minimum of 1 day prior to due date.

·      Check the class website links for online newspapers and magazines.



Name ___________________________ Class ______ Date______


            Title of Article

Author (Associated Press if not shown)

Source (Name of newspaper or magazine)

            Date of Article


Body:  Answer these 5 questions using complete sentences: 


§         Who is this article about? 

§         What happened in this article?

§         Where did the events in the article take place?

§         When did the events in this article occur?

§         Why/ How did the events happen?


Vocabulary:  You may use the online dictionary: http://www.dictionary.com/


Choose 3 words from the article that are new to you.  Write the word, part of speech, syllabication, and  then the definition of the word as it is used in the article.  For example:  


newspaper - (noun) -  news * pa * per - A publication usually issued daily or weekly containing current news, editorials, feature articles, and usually advertising.



At least 5 sentences on how you felt about the information/ events in this article.  You may want to include: why you chose this article, did you agree or disagree with the content, did you learn anything new or interesting, how will this new information be helpful to you or those around you (make a connection to your life),  etc…


Science Topics

Scientists, Researchers, Inventions. New Technology

Weather, Atmosphere

Space, Stars, Planets, Research

Animals, Plants, Food, Research

Health, Disease, Medicine, Research

Chemistry, Chemicals, Medicine, Pesticides, Everyday use, etc…

Paleontology, Fossils

Rocks, Minerals, Gems, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, etc…

Marine Science, Ocean Life

Computers, Internet, Games, etc…


For help writing your rough draft go here:

Current Events Practice Sheets

To Find an Article:

Helpful Links

How it will be graded:

CE Rubric

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