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Discipline Procedure Materials Lab Safety Daily Trivia Lab / Notebook Rubric


Science Classroom Procedures boy at desk

Entering the classroom:
1. Quietly line up outside the classroom.

2. Enter the classroom silently, pick up any handouts and lab papers and immediately sit in your seat.

3. Open your notebook and copy down the Topic of the Day from the computer. 

4. Copy down the tonight’s homework assignment from the homework board and have today’s homework out and ready to be checked (or place HW in mailbox if noted on computer)

5. Secure lab papers in lab folder.  Date papers and read over today's activity.

6. Complete journal entry question/ response.

7. Sit quietly and await further instructions- if the entire class is not quiet and ready to begin the Science Trivia will be cancelled for the day.

8.  Complete the Science Trivia and put in Science Trivia container before exiting the classroom

What to do if you are done with your lab and/ or class work:

Begin tonight’s homework, finish journal entry or read a Science World.  Do not disturb your fellow classmates!

Exiting the classroom:
When the bell rings, WAIT to be dismissed

Listening and Responding to Questions:
All students are to raise their hands to speak and ask questions. All students should be quiet and respectful when other students are speaking. If a student would like to respond to another student they may raise their hand to be called on.

If a student is absent it is the student's responsibility to obtain the notes, handouts ,lab sheets, or homework.  A calendar and class papers are located in the front of the room.  Make sure to place missed assignments in the mailbox or the assignment will become a “0”.  It is your responsibility to make up any missed labs.  Assignments and notes can also be obtained from the class website: http://
wtbscience.com and or http://www.edmodo.com


              Homework: 15%

              Labs/ Class work: 25%

              Binder: 10%

    Tests/ Quizzes:  50% (Tests count 2x)

Tests are announced  about one week in advance.  Quizzes may be unannounced and will occur weekly.  Homework assignments may be graded as quizzes.   Binders and lab folders are graded at the end of each semester.


Binder Procedures: A Neat and Organized Notebook is the Key to Success in Science

  1. Every student is to have a three ringed (1") binder divided into 2 sections and labeled as follows:

  A. Handouts (White paper handouts, homework)

  B. Science Journal (contains daily notes and journal entries)

2. Every student should have an abundant supply of loose leaf paper.

3. A lab folder will be provided for lab activities (colored papers received at the start of class).  This will be kept in the classroom unless the lab activity needs to be completed.

4. All pages must be dated and in numbered order (including handouts). A table of contents will be provided on the class website.

5.Calendars are to be kept in the front of the binder and the topic of the day is to be recorded everyday. Any grades received should also be recorded. 

6.Parent signatures on calendars will be checked as noted.  Binders will be collected and graded- 10% of the Science grade.

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