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8th Grade Life Science

Week 20

 Date Objective/ Procedure Handouts/ Labs Homework

Martin Luther King Jr. Day- No School!

1/22 Active & Passive Transport

1. Observe the Egg Osmosis lab after the water was added to the egg to see which way the water diffused through the semi- permeable membrane
A. Why Can't Humans Drink Seawater?

B. Osmosis Experiment
C. Osmosis Demo

2. Discuss the elements and compounds that moved through the membrane- H2O--- Hydrogen and Oxygen, the compound that was released when the vinegar dissolved the shell- CO2

3. Go 30. Cell Processes-1 to differentiate between passive & active transport
NJCCCS 5.1  , 5.5, 5.6

15. Cell Review

Studyisland Assignment #4 Systems & Survival


Plant and Animal Cell Review

1. Review the organelles of plant and animal cells and the Ribbon of Life- (atom, molecule, organelle, cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism) by participating in different activities at stations in the science lab

2.  Answer questions about the cells and identify the cells as unicellular or multicellular and Prokaryotic of Eukaryotic

3. Review Cell Processes: diffusion, osmosis, active and passive transport, endocytosis, exocytosis, equilibrium to understand how the cell membrane functions

NJCCCS 5.1  & 5.5


Prepare for a a test on the Structions & Functions of Plant and Animal Cell and the Ribbon of Life  Study Binder  p. 25-30


Plant & Animal Cell Test

1. Demonstrate knowledge of the structures and functions of Plant and Animal Cell organelles and the Ribbon of Life using Edmodo

2. Studyisland Assignment # 4 Systems and Survival & # 5 Matter

NJCCCS 5.1  & 5.5


Studyisland Assignment #4 Systems & Survival

1/25 Atoms, Elements & Molecules-1

1. Complete p. 31Chemistry of Life outline by reading text p. 64-74

2. Discuss and differentiate between atoms. elements, compounds, molecules, mixtures, and substances

3. Define organic and inorganic compound and provide examples of each

NJCCCS 5.1  , 5.5, 5.6

31. Chemistry of Life Studyisland Assignment #5 Matter

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