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8th Grade Life Science Labs

1st Semester

1. What is Life?/ Is Anything Alive in Here?

2.  Five Materials Observation/ Life in Different Environments

3. Living or Non living/ Microscope Care and Use

4. Microscope Images/Field of View and Magnification

5.Brine Shrimp Alive / Focal Plane

6. Looking at Elodea/Paramecia

7. Feeding Time/ Response Sheet- Microscopic Life

8. Amoebae/ Euglenas

9. Flagellates/ Mini Pond Safari

10  Testing/Observing Bacteria

11. One Million Dots/ Exponential Growth of Bacteria

12. Shapes of Bacteria

13. Cheek Investigation   

2nd Semester

14. Egg Osmosis

15. Cell Review

16. Substances1/ Substances2

17. Limewater Investigation A/ B/ Questions

18.Chem RXN

19. Energy in Food/ Food Producers

20. Ecosystem Card- Sort Results/  Mini-ecosystem Needs

3rd Semester

21. Aquatic Organisms Observations/ Terrestrial Organisms Observations

22. Analysis of Mono Lake Data

23. Easter Egg Genetics

24. Larkey Genetics Mat/ Larkey Breeding Steps

25. Larkey Breeding Results/ Punnett Squares

26. Mirror Writing/Mnemonics: Memory Helpers

27.  Response Sheet: Sending a Message







13. Testing/Observing Fungi

25. Eye Exam/ Diagram of the eye

26. Exploring Lenses/Light through a lens

27. Using the Angle Finder for Field of Vision/Field of Vision Angles

28. Color Box Analysis/Blind Spot Challenges

29. What's in a letterhead/ Letterhead Layout Sheet

30. EEG Color Map

26.  Making and Using The Reaction Timer/ Response Sheet: Sending a Message

 21. Milkweed Bug Changes /Milkweed Bug Observations

(23. Diffusion/ Osmosis)   25. Seed Dissection/ Roots and Shoots

(25. Microscope Views of Roots/Stem and Leaf Observations (Celery Investigation Plan)

26. Flower Dissection

27. Response Sheet: Plant Reproduction/ Seed Hunt Card)


29. Milkweed Bug Reproductive Potential/ Milkweed Bugs Limited

30. Milkweed Bugs Hatching Analysis

31. Walking Stick Predation/ Larkey Breeding Record


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