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7th Grade Earth Science

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Multimedia Foss Earth History Website User Name: wtbscience Password: bloomingdale
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Week 8


Objective/ Procedure

Handouts/ Labs



Mid Sum Exam 1  TSWBAT

1. Demonstrate knowledge about Differential Erosion and Sedimentary Rocks on an evaluation using Quizstar Online Quiz

2.Explore the Earth History Multimedia Website: Username: wtbscience
             Password: bloomingdale

NJCCCS 5.1  & 5.8





Science Current Event due Friday



Making Sand  TSWBAT

1. Record ideas about the ages of rock and infer how the rock layers formed in the Grand Canyon on the Grand Canyon Rock Ages lab sheet

2.  Observe sandstone samples and make a plan to create sand

3. Make sand from a piece of granite and then observe the homemade sand and compare the granite samples (the ones used to make the sand) to fresh granite that hasn't gone through erosion

NJCCCS 5.1  & 5.8

6. Making Sand Lab

7. Sand Observations -1







Science Current Event due Friday


Observing Sand Samples: Day 1 TSWBAT

1. Take Notes: Earth History Vocabulary #11-13

2. Go over: p. 14. Landforms/ Viewpoints

3. Use the Wentworth scale & Sand Analysis to describe & classify sand

NJCCCS 5.1  & 5.8

8.  Sand Observations

17. Sand Analysis/Wentworth scale



Science Current Event due Friday



Observing Sand Samples: Day 2 TSWBAT

1. Use Wentworth scale & Sand Analysis  to describe & classify sand

2.Identify if sand came from a beach, sand dune or mountain stream

3.Infer origin of sand from given observations by completing 18. Sand Questions

NJCCCS 5.1  & 5.8

18. Sand Questions



18. Sand Questions

Science Current Event due Friday


Stream Tables: Day 1 TSWBAT

1. Go over Sand observations \ questions & last week's test :Quizstar Online Quiz

2.Take Notes: Earth History Vocabulary #14-18 & review Landforms vocabulary

3. Observe a stream table using the Earth History Multimedia Website and plan to create a stream table in the classroom

NJCCCS 5.1  & 5.8

19. Landforms/ Developing Land Prone to Erosion

Science Current Event due


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