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7th Grade Earth Science

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Week 3


Objective/ Procedure

Handouts/ Labs



Metric System Lab: Day 2 TSWBAT

1. Demonstrate and practice measuring length in millimeters, centimeters, meters

2. Complete Length & Area sections of Metric System Lab

3. Science Journal: Practice measuring and converting between units by viewing a presentation with objects to measure :

Mass  - #1 Balance Shapes, #2 Brass Weights, #3 Balance Masses, #4 Riders, #5 g/kg, #6 Scramble, #7 g/mg

NJCCCS 5.1  & 5.3

1. Metric System Lab/ Volume Lab


 Current Event Due







Metric System Lab: Day 3 TSWBAT

1. Demonstrate and practice how to correctly use the balance to measure mass.

2. Complete Mass section of Metric System Lab

NJCCCS 5.1  &5.3






Metric System Lab: Day 4 TSWBAT

1. Demonstrate and practice measuring the volume of liquids and finding the volume of an irregular shaped objects through water displacement

2. Complete Volume section of Metric System Lab

3. Review the measurements of length, mass, volume, area, and temperature.     (Length Practice)

NJCCCS 5.1  &5.3

8. Length Practice

Finish Length Practice


Volume Lab TSWBAT

1. Demonstrate and practice following a lab procedure to accurately measure the volume of liquids

2. Complete Volume Lab

3. Science Journal: Explain the procedure used to accurately measure volume

NJCCCS 5.1  & 5.3

  Finish Length Practice


 Envelope Investigation-1 TSWBAT

1. Discuss the difference between an observation and an inference and why scientists make them in order to study the history of the Earth

2. Work in groups to observe an envelope & trace the history of an envelope by making inferences based on observations

3.Go over Length Practice

 NJCCCS 5.1  & 5.8

9. Envelope Investigation/ Observation or Inference  




Observation or Inference  : Write 2 examples of observations and 2 examples of inferences in science journal

For example: "I observed that the street was wet."  "I can infer that the street was wet because the snow melted"


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