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7th Grade Earth Science

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Week 17


Objective/ Procedure

Handouts/ Labs



Earth History Timeline-11 TSWBAT

1. Demonstrate knowledge of  Eras, Periods, Unconformities, Supergroups, organisms that evolved in the eras on a quiz on  n evaluation using: Quizstar Online Quiz

2. Go to:   Multimedia: Foss Earth History- Open up Time Machine to figure out the order that organisms evolved for timeline

3. Work in cooperative groups to organize event cards and decide the order of events in Earth History

NJCCCS 5.1  & 5.8


Earth History Timeline -12 TSWBAT

1. Discuss the order that organisms evolved in Earth History and fit the cards onto the timeline by converting the number of years into the position on the timeline

2. Answer questions individually about timeline as a oral quiz

NJCCCS 5.1  & 5.8

14. Major Events in Earth History Timeline

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