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7th Grade Earth Science Labs

1st Semester

1. Metric System Lab/ Volume Lab

2. North Canyon/ Nankoweap Canyon Sketch

3. North Canyon/ Nankoweap Canyon Observations

4. Grand Canyon Rock Lineup/ Grand Canyon Rock Correlations

5. Chaur Butte/ Grand Canyon Rock Ages

6. Making Sand Lab

7. Sand Observations -1

8.  Sand Observations

9. Stream Table Lab

10. Seawater Investigation/ Basin Questions

11.  Grand Canyon Environments A/B

2nd Semester

12. Earth History Timeline/ Rocks on the Timeline

13. Major Events in Earth History/ Index Fossil Identification

14. Major Events in Earth History Timeline

15. Index Fossil Correlations/ Index Fossil Correlations Questions

16. Rock Identification A & B

17. Salol Observations

18. Bird's Eye Views/Shadow Evidence

19. Moon Log/ Flagpole Shadow Length

3rd Semester

20. Model Impact Craters/ Crater Diameter & Ray Length Graphs

21. Investigating Meteoroid Size/ Map of the Moon

22 Looking at the Moon from the Earth/Earth Moon Model

23. Scaling Moon Features/Major Surface Features

24. Response Sheet: Landing on the Moon/ EVA 1 Moon Rock Survey

25. EVA 2- Collecting Samples/Moon Rock Conference Data

26. Exploring Density/Lunar Density

(Binary Message & Digital Data)

27. Mystery Mixture/Mystery Mixture Questions

28. White Substances Information / Mystery Mixture Analysis

29.Mystery Mixture Summary

30. How Much Gas-A/ How Much Gas- B

31. Dissolve or Melt-A/ B



26. Class Weather Chart/ Sunrise- Sunset Times 2000

27. Earth's Materials Temperature Chart/ Graph

28. Conduction Through Materials/ Heat Conduction

29. Convection Chamber/ Layering Hot and Cold Water

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