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7th Grade:

                  Table of Contents                  

1st Semester


 Topic of the Day Calendar         

1. Materials/ Classroom procedures

2. Homework policy/ Discipline policy

3. Lab Safety Rules/Daily Trivia

4. Lab Rubric/ Binder Rubric

5. Scavenger Hunt/Safety in the Lab

6. Science Current Events/ Current Events Practice Sheet

7.Metric System Notes/Volume

8. Length Practice

9. Envelope Investigation/ Observation or Inference

10. What is Earth Science/ Measurement & Safety

11. Notes on the Powell Expedition

12. Grand Canyon Virtual Field Trip

13. Sedimentary Rocks/Grand Canyon Paragraph

14. Landforms/ Viewpoints

15. Grand Canyon Fact Sheet/ Water on Mars

16.  Grand Canyon Crossword # 1/Organizational Chart

17. Sand Analysis/Wentworth scale

18. Sand Questions

19. Landforms/ Developing Land Prone to Erosion

20. Weathering Worksheet/ Gravity Worksheet

21. Glaciers Worksheet/ Wind Worksheet

22. Weathering/ Erosion Video

23. Erosion Crossword/ Grand Canyon Rocks Crossword

24. Surface Water/ Groundwater

25. Earth History Review Sheet: Mid Sum 2

2nd Semester

Topic of the Day Calendar  

26. Personal History

27. Personal Timeline/ Response Sheet: It's About Time

28. Relative Ages of Rocks / Evolution and Geologic Time

29.  Early Earth History/Middle and Recent Earth History

30.   Fossils/Extinction of Dinosaurs

31. Reading the Earth History Timeline

32. Fossil Identification

33. Theory of Plate Tectonics/Before Pangaea, Rodina

34.Thinking About Index Fossils

35. Mid Sum 3 Review Sheet

36. Igneous Rocks/ Igneous Rock Features

37. Rock Cycle/ Rock Cycle Song

38. Rock Cycle/ Igneous Rock Questions

39. Planet Earth/ Response Sheet- Where Am I?

40. Notes on latitude and longitude/ Viewpoints

41. Response Sheet- Round Earth/ Flat Earth/ Day/ Night Think Questions

42. Thinking in Time/ How Many Hours Have You Worked

43. The Seasons

44. Steps For Finding Local Noon

45. Time Zone Homework/ Time Zones-2

46. Day/Night Crossword/Moon Crossword

47.The Moon- Past and Present

48.Asteriods- Deadly Impact

49. Organizing Lunar Craters/ Origin of the Moon

3rd Semester

Topic of the Day Calendar  

50. Constellations

51. Earth's Moon/ Other Objects in the Solar System

52. Artificial Satellites and Space Probes/Exploration of the Moon

53. Apollo 13 Movie Activity

54.The Search for Extraterrestrial Life /The Solar System

55. Element Symbols/ Compounds and Elements

56. Mystery Mixture Elements/ Elements Questions

57. Parts of an Atom Notes

58. Parts of the Atom/ Number of Atoms

59. Earth Elements A/ B

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